Same name different experience!

When everyone hears diabetes or diabetic they get a vision but most people don’t see the difference.I mean on the market there are loads of different medications, meters, foods and loads more that I cant think of whilst blogging, diabetes is something so different for every person who has it for example I could be on a certain type of insulin and another person right next to me could be on the exact same insulin but our results would be totally different its not like we can expect every singer to sing in the same tone or for the weather to be the same everyday that we wake up.

So how come people have this idea that every diabetic is going through the same issues it’s not brain surgery of course we all different we come from different backgrounds, nationalities and even religions could it really be that we are all going to go through the same journey? I think not just because so and so`s levels are better does not mean that I am not doing my best just because someone has this problem does not mean I am going to have it, just because I am having problems with levels does not mean someone else is.

Yes we have medications that are tablets, injections and even diet, yes we exercise.Yes we check our sugar level and that involves blood, we all have things we like and hate, we talk in a language that you might not understand at times but we speak other languages you might understand. We come in all shapes and sizes it’s just about talking to us “diabetics” and finding out how we feel, how we deal with it.

We all have a disease that has the same tone, meaning but when it comes down to it the experience is so different, the people behind the disease are all diverse we all have different careers, minds but we all have one dream or hope for a cure.

All I all just because the name is the same the experience are nothing similar for each and every person when it comes to diabetes because life is not the same for each individual on earth.


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  1. Sunny Day
    Oct 10, 2010 @ 21:37:14

    The same could be said of the group “women”. We may all look similar, and we all have the same type experiences. But, we are as diverse as there are individuals.

    The same is true of people with diabetes. We are the same and yet we are as diverse as there are individuals to experience this disease.

    Well said.


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